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About Shauna

Shauna spent over a decade in private practice representing people in all types of family law cases. Early in her professional career, she had the privilege of clerking for Federal District Court Judge, The Honorable Gordon J. Quist.

In 2003 Shauna began her work as a public servant as the Assistant Friend of the Court/Attorney Referee in Eaton County. As an Attorney Referee, Shauna presided over custody, support and parenting time cases and issued recommended orders resolving the disputes presented. Shauna began her service in the Ingham County Circuit Court when she was appointed to serve as the Friend of the Court. Shauna served as the Ingham County Friend of the Court for six years, and in 2013 she was promoted to serve as the Circuit Court Administrator.

In her current role as Ingham County’s Circuit Court Administrator, she manages a $28 million budget and staff of approximately 200 court professionals. Shauna has worked with the judges, court staff, and community partners to expand the court’s programming to provide treatment and support services to the individuals appearing before the court. Under Shauna’s leadership as the Friend of the Court, the “self-help” program with the MSU Chance at Childhood Clinic, was established to help unrepresented people prepare court papers in family law cases.

In 2011, Shauna received the Civility Award from the Ingham County Bar Association. In 2014, Shauna received the Distinguished Barrister Award from the Davis-Dunnings Bar Association (formerly the Lansing Black Lawyers Association), and in 2018 she was recognized as a Patriotic Employer for supporting employee participation in the National Guard and Reserve Armed Forces.